EL Respect means valuing others, both to persons and others. RESPECT means valuing others, abide by his authority and consider its penisidad Respect is always home to the truth; not under any circumstances tolerate lying, and repugnant slander and deceit. demands Respect friendly staff and cuts; respect is the essence of human relationships, of community life, of teamwork, of married life, of any interpersonal relationship. Respect is a guarantee of transparency. SOCIAL LEVEL RESPECT Respect for individual autonomy, which is based primarily on respect for the ability of people to self-determination in relation to certain individual options available. Adapting a society, one needs to respect the ideas are proposing one or imposing it. In our society respect is called for, but rarely is practiced, so we saw a need for people to observe this commercial, feel that respect is a very important value that we must consider. SCHOOL-WIDE can go with the uniform care, a schedule of compliance, ethics and the ways in which children interact with others RESPECT LEVEL SCHOOL To comply with the respect we are required to practice a set of values. For example you need to be honest, because every person has the right not to be deceived; demands to be reliable; requires taking into account the rights, needs and values ​​of others. A FAMILY LEVEL The veneration and reverence of the children to them. It means that children should honor and obey their parents, obeying its decisions and considering their opinions and advice A PERSONAL LEVEL be respected and valued loving yourself, if you do not respect me nobody is going to respect me as I am what I choose treat others. PHRASES RESPECT Respect purifies the soul and if you do not have it you never had soul. Respect is the attitude and action of human being , not to hurt himself, his fellows and his environment. Respect is not the virus that invades the difference, is the pioneer of acceptance and Sailor Love . Respect is love differences who follows the boat competition. Respect is the basis of understanding between human beings ; we have to learn to respect others to respect us. Respect is the ability to accept all that life holds, to all our diversity to which we belong. Respect is start winning the war. If you want respect you have to learn first to respect. If you really are who you are, you'll have all ... Better to have respect for others that his admiration. Respect is something important to teach you when you're little. Respect others to respect you you same. away If you respect yourself, others will respect you you.